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Best Ways To Protect You Power Banks

There’s no doubt that power banks are beautiful accessories - but oftentimes, beauty can be fragile. If you go work outside, like go to adventuring, outdoor activities or you just possessed bungle hands, then you should put a serious thought of protecting your power bank.

Keeping your power bank away from the exposure of extreme temperature and humidity is the best way to prolong your power bank’s life. The heat will gradually decrease your power bank’s ability to hold its charge while humidity will trap water inside your power bank that will cause short circuits.

But more than this, we want to keep it in its most pristine condition as possible. Investing in a good Power Bank Sleeve is a great option. Featuring the newest power bank sleeves from Jaguar Electronics. Known for its top-grade performance power banks, Jaguar wants to keep the game offering these sleeve protectors.

It comes in two sizes ( small and large ), capable of handling falls and bumps. Thanks to the special soft velvet interior material that is designed to protect your power bank. Not that just, the sleeve can also guard dust and scratches that we all hated. Just pull the strings to lock it up and you are good to go!

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