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Be Astound With The Faster-Than-Ever Wall Charger

In today’s generation, mobile phones provided us many highly usable functionalities. It has become indispensable to almost all people. These mobile devices can do multiple tasks. As a result, their batteries can easily dry up. They are not built to last longer, so we need chargers.

There's a wide selection of superb power solutions, but picking Jaguar Electronics will always be a great choice. Renowned for its high quality and durability, We introduce the newest Wall Charger that we sure you’ll love.

Fascinating Charging Speed

We all know that you’re done with your old and conventional chargers. With the newest QuickCharge 3.0, It allows you to charge compatible devices from zero to 50% in as little as 35 minutes by using QuickCharge 3.0 wall charger.

Efficient Way To Charge

If you are simply looking for the lightest wall charger with only one charging port, then nothing beats the Jaguar’s idea. Featherlight as just nine grams (9g). This fits effortlessly in your bags and dimensions of 6x3.5x2cm for a more handy packing

Safe Built-In Safeguards

Jaguar Electronics is pleased with reliable safety features on its products to protect our device against Surge, Overcurrent and Over Charging.

All in all, this is a great benefit to have. Fast chargers are becoming essential especially to people who value their time. It brings convenience not to wait much for our phones to charge. We introduce the newest Wall Charger that we sure you’ll love.

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